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Why is it important to have your carpets, upholstery and tile professionally cleaned?

Periodic Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regular Carpet Cleaning

It makes sense that regular vacuuming and prompt clean up of spills is important for routine carpet maintenance. But why do carpet manufactures' warranties also require annual deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner? It's because of two destructive forces that normally affect every carpet, soiling and loss of texture.

Soiling is the build up of dirt particles and other similar materials that cling to your carpet's fibers. Despite regular vacuuming, these particles and materials accumulate within the carpet and result in a gradual dulling of the carpet's color.

Over time, foot traffic also causes a change in the appearance of your carpet by changing its texture. Hot water extraction in combination with cleaning using professional equipment refreshes the texture of the carpet by "resetting" the twist of the fiber.

In addition to preserving the beauty and life of your carpet, professional cleaning can benefit your family's health. Regularly cleaned carpets improve indoor air quality by reducing pet dander, dust mites and even harmful lawn chemicals. This is likely to provide allergy relief.

Clean carpets with less wear and odor in the home is a big plus for improving the appearance of the whole house and is of course will increase the value of your home if the time comes for you to sell.

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Health Attractive Business Environment
  • Improves business atmosphere and Image
  • Shows Attention to detail and attracts customers who want to do business with you
  • Promotes a healthy and appealing environment for customers and employees
  • Can result in easier recruitment and retention of quality office personnel
  • Improved indoor air quality is of paramount importance and can increase employee productivity
  • Potentially saves thousands of dollars in floor replacement costs


Clean Healthy Upholstery
  • Enhances the appearance of the whole room
  • Promotes health and reduces allergens
  • increases longevity and saves you money
  • improves resale value



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